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Prep Your Skin For Winter

Prep Your Skin For Winter

Whenever a new season comes to town it isn’t time to simply change your wardrobe, but your skin care regimen has to adjust too. Think of your daily skin care practice as a four part series that serves the many evolving needs of your skin, just like that peacoat you love. If you start seeing your skin as a seasonal thing, there’s no reason to apply the same products in the summer that you do in the winter. We want to help you prep your skin for winter at Spa in the City with a few different skin care treatments that will keep you ahead of the aging game. First, we will go through how your skin changes from summer to winter because it’s pretty drastic and should be addressed if you’re going to prevent wrinkles from becoming permanent.

Why Your Skin Becomes Dry in the Winter

There is a change in the weather and the skin responds to that change. Think about the temperature shift from warm to cool as we shift from the summer to winter months. During the summertime, the air is warm and somewhat humid so it’s filled with excess water molecules which are great for your skin as long as you wear your sunscreen. During the winter, when the weather is at its coolest, all of that moisture that used to be in the air is now completely gone meaning there’s none left for your skin.

When your skin has extra water available to it—in your body and the air around it—there’s no reason for it to need more, which is why your moisturizers can remain light and why water-based products are popular at this time. To respond to this change in the weather, you have to make sure your skin is supplied with enough water to keep it fresh and hydrated. Your skin cells will dry up and make your face look tired, dull and aged without a moisture replacement.

What Can You Do?

Keep your skin hydrated before you even step outside by applying moisturizers that have enough oil-based moisture to stick to your skin where it’s needed. Drinking plenty of water will give you the added boost of replenishing your internal water supply. You need to protect your skin from the inside and by applying nourishing supplements to the surface to make sure you’re protected all day long, even in your sleep. Also, don’t forget to turn down the heat when you take a shower because that oh-so-lovely heat can draw all the natural oils from your skin; without these oils, your skin will become dry and flaky.

Clear + Brilliant

If you want to take care of any damage done to your skin during these weather moods, then looking into a laser skin resurfacing treatment so you can start each season with your healthiest skin is the best option. The Clear + Brilliant laser treatment system can reduce the amount of uneven texture, redness, enlarged pores, and discoloration found on the surface.

How it Works

Clear + Brilliant can take under one hour to apply to your skin. It works by causing minimal damage to varying depths so that unhealthy cells can be broken down and moved up to the top of your skin, where it will flake away over time leaving brighter and youthful cells behind. We use a light numbing cream to keep you comfortable during the fractional laser application then move the handpiece over your skin to cover everything from your neck and face, down to the décolleté. You’ll need a few treatments about a month apart to see beautiful and fresh skin begin to emerge. After this treatment, your cells will absorb nutrients better and any fine lines will be reduced.


If you’re looking for something a little lighter than laser treatment, microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin to the perfect depth to start new. This is a gentle system that brushes away your exposed skin cells that need a refreshment every once in a while. Especially in winter, we need a new surface that can absorb essential vitamins to maintain clear and even skin.

How it Works

In just 30 minutes, we administer tiny crystals to the skin and abrade your damaged cells from the surface in a gentle and circular motion. At the same time, we use a facial vacuum that draws out those cells to leave you with a clean surface. Once this microdermabrasion is done, you’ll notice a glowing rose color to the skin which means your circulation has increased and your cells are absorbing the right vitamins to energize your face. Just moisturize and protect your skin from any sunshine hiding under those gray clouds and you’re ready to go.


Because winter is the driest season for your skin, you have got to drink enough water to support these cells. That means keeping a water bottle with you at all times so you can hydrate on the go. If you’re not someone that loves drinking plain water, think about adding some lemon or (what we love to do) add fresh berries for some zing. Also think of the type of foods you eat during the holidays, since these tend to be overloaded with sugars that also cause serious dehydration.

Hydration doesn’t just come from drinking water, but certain vegetables and fruits can bring you extra molecules here and there. After you’ve had as much water as you can possibly drink, think about implementing a cosmeceutical moisturizer that will add a store of moisture to your cells that can also block any cold and compromising winds.

Call Spa in the City at 972-441-7933 to prepare your skin for winter, because it’s here and you can’t ignore dry skin forever.

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