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5 Go To Fixes For Crow’s Feet

5 Go To Fixes For Crow’s Feet

Everyone knows that crows are tricksters, so don’t let your crow’s feet trick people into thinking you’ve aged beyond your years. If you’re reading this as fine lines and mild wrinkles are beginning to show, now is the time to be active about slowing the process. Crow’s feet are one of the first signs of aging since they are in a highly active area of the face—around the eyes—that show our emotions. There are 5 go to fixes for crow’s feet at Spa in the City that will help you stop them before they start. At the beginning of the year, it’s all about refreshing your look and boosting your confidence to last all year long.

Why Crow’s Feet Happen

Aging can seem like a cruel joke all of the sudden when you hit your 30’s and 40’s, but there are reasons why we experience wrinkles like crow’s feet. The area around your eyes, particularly in the corners, is sensitive and thinner than others like the cheeks and forehead. There are so many reasons why some people experience crow’s feet sooner than others, but the main issues are the lack of protection from the sun, the way you sleep and things like squinting or highly active facial muscles.

Since the skin is so thin here, moisture’s hard to maintain internally so any lack of oil glands to naturally moisturize the area can make the skin prone to wrinkles as well. At Spa in the City, we treat the issues surrounding crow’s feet with laser skin resurfacing, injectable fillers and neurotoxins, in addition to daily sunscreen application.

1. Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)

How it Works: These neurotoxins get right to the point with muscles at the corners of the eyes to calm their movement, so wrinkles are less likely to deepen. Neurotoxins immobilize the muscle by cutting off electrical impulses that cause overactive movement. They don’t last forever, but if you like the results they produce then we can reapply these injections every few months to maintain smoothness around the eyes.

2. Dermal Fillers

How They Work: While neurotoxins reduce muscle activity, these injectable dermal fillers fill in the areas where wrinkles form and add volume to the skin. Dermal fillers are instead injected within this space between the dermal layer and muscle to provide nutrients for protein production responsible for creating new cells and introducing elasticity that’s lost over time. We use Restylane Silk to combat the appearance of crow’s feet.

3. REDO Skin Resurfacing

How it Works: Non-ablative laser skin resurfacing techniques will use heat energy to liven up repair proteins deep in the skin, so you’ll see increased volume which will lift wrinkles and improve the strength of these cells. We also see lighter, more even skin tone with these treatments that will help get rid of crow’s feet.

4. Eye Cream Primes Youthful Eyes

Facial moisturizers are always talked about and stressed in beauty magazines all over the world. While the face always requires extra moisture during certain months of the year, we tend to forget about the thin and delicate skin around the eyes. Eye cream primes the eyes for youthful skin because this space needs the most care as we age. At Spa in the City, we recommend beginning to apply eye cream as early as your 20’s, night and day. Our very own Josanne Stephens has used eye cream for over 40 years and clients are always amazed by how young her eyes look! If you need recommendations for effective eye creams, we have several affordable options in our office.

5. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen whenever you can

Protection from the sun keeps your skin young, and sunglasses will help calm the amount of squinting you do throughout the day. If you follow a healthy skin care regimen that includes a healthy diet with lots of hydration and vitamins, your skin will respond well to age and stop crow’s feet!

Get started on your skin care regimen and don’t give crow’s feet a chance to settle. Call Spa in the City today at 972-588-4485.

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