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Welcome to Spa in the City

Spa in the City, a favorite Dallas med spa, was founded on several decades of knowledge.

Josanne Stephens is the driving force behind this premier Dallas med spa on Lovers Lane tucked away in the eclectic mix of businesses.  Her motto of “Excellent Care and Exceptional Results” without losing sight of the real person, is what brings people in. The quality and value of what they receive is what keeps them coming back.

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Finding Spa In The City has been a Godsend…I had a disastrous experience with under eye fillers… Renaida has been working patiently and diligently to restore my skin back to a condition I can be comfortable with…I’ve only been coming for a few months BUT there’s already a dramatic difference in the tone and texture of my skin…I’m EXTREMELY pleased with the results I’m seeing, I just wished I’d located the facility sooner… I could have saved myself A LOT of money.

Lolita Y.


This spa is AMAZING!!! I am blown away at all the services they offer! All the ladies are so sweet and very professional! I am SO EXCITED that I found this hidden gem! I love the way my skin looks and feels since I received my first facial! The laser hair removal is life changing!! I highly recommend this spa above all the rest! They always have the latest and best quality products that will transform your skin!! I cannot thank them enough for giving me youthful glowing skin! I feel so much more beautiful and confident!! ❤

Hannah E.


Great experience! Josanne was wonderful! Calmed my nerves and explained everything that was happening. Every person I came in contact with was friendly and genuine! Definite plan to visit in the near future! 🌷

Christine T.


Spa in the City has nice depth in their treatment offerings. Their photofacial was a great kickstarter. It did not hurt at all and gave fast results. Josanne has a very good eye for what people need.



Josanne is more than my esthetician, she is a friend and someone that I trust completely. I have been Josanne’s client for almost 10 years, she is always very thoughtful, caring and kind. She is an amazing professional, who have really high ethical standards. At her place you will always be in good hands.



I have been a loyal customer of Spa in the City for several years now. The service is amazing and quality is impeccable. This is not your average med spa and cheaper is not always better. Josanne and her team have many years of experience in the competitive Dallas market. Their main goal is to help you achieve your personal best. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look and feel good about their appearance? The teams goal is to provide you with quality service not to overly push products, procedures or guilt you into something that’s needless. In my industry we call that integrity! If you’re looking for a little Botox, lip enhancements, fillers, facials, weight loss and much much more… Spa in the City is definitely the right choice!

Kimberly R.


I have been coming here for a few years now and I will not go anywhere else! The staff is absolutely incredible! As stated by multiple others, Josanne will not try and sell you things you do not need. I really appreciate that in this type of industry where it seems more is always more. It’s refreshing! My treatments are always amazing and always leave happy. More recently I have been getting laser done and I have to say that is exceptional! So friendly and personable. She makes you feel extremely comfortable and she is beyond thorough. You can tell she really takes the time to make sure she has covered every spot and also that you are comfortable throughout the process. Would recommend Spa In The City to anyone!

Chelsea M.


Josanne is an artist and a perfectionist. My advice – just let her do her thing. She saw so much more than I did- identified the issues and had a game plan. She was conservative and precise in her placement of the filler. I actually live in another state, but I will return just to see her again! So impressed- and so very happy with the results.



I’ve had different types of procedures performed on my skin over the past years. I really trust Josanne. She is very skilled and does a great job on whatever procedure you have done. She also really cares about your needs and concerns. She’s done Clear and Brilliant, iPixel, and Photofacial treatments on me. These ladies are exceptional and very sweet! You must go to Spa and the City. The prices for procedures are excellent too. You’ll never go anywhere else again!

Cynthia B.


I have been very pleased with Josanne and her team. I felt very rushed at my dermatologist’s office but appreciate that Josanne takes her time with me and makes me feel like an important customer. Moreover she recommends against things I don’t need and steers me towards the treatments that will give me the most value for my money. I really feel like I’m in good hands with Josanne. For anyone struggling with sparse eyebrows I also want to recommend trying Revitabrow through Josanne’s salon. It has made a tremendous difference for me. I’m very pleased and have thicker eyebrows than I had in high school. Love Revitalash too.

Janet B.

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Q: Do I need an eye cream?

A: The answer is YES!

This rich, nourishing eye cream contains CellPro™ Technology, caffeine and retinol to help replenish skin cells and combat multiple signs of aging around the eyes. CellPro™ is clinically proven to assist stem cell function, promoting new healthy skin cells. This eye cream helps improve the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

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We totally get it—you've heard about countless treatments that claim to work yet don't provide results. But we'll tell you one thing: plasma skin tightening isn't that! With this non-invasive procedure you can reverse signs of aging. No gimmicks. No false claims. Only real results you'll love to show off 🙌Read our blog to learn more about how a fibroblast treatment works! Link in bio! #dallasmedspa #josanne #skintighteningspecialist #looseskinprobelms #spainthecity #fibroblast @prive_academy ...

#TipFromJosanne Alastin Skin Nectar is something our clients love to use pre and post treatment for optimal results!

If you want to get a jump on any treatment start using it 3 weeks before and 5 days after.

Winner of SHAPE “Best Healing Skin Treatment” 2021 Award.

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Bookmark this page!📍And read on for how to prepare for injectables.
💊 Avoid oily vitamins and supplements like vitamin E, fish oil, co-Q 10, etc. and anti-inflammatories like Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen should be stopped a week beforehand unless recommended by your healthcare provider. For prescription blood thinners, check with your prescriber before stopping. If arnica montana is effective for you, start taking it a few days beforehand. ⁣⁣
🍷Avoid alcohol ONE day before your appointment. Alcohol thins the blood and dilates vessels, making you more prone to bruising and swelling. ❌⁣⁣
🏃🏽‍♀️ Avoid exercising several hours before appointment and the day after filler. Increased blood flow raises your blood pressure and increases your risk of getting a bruise and worsening your swelling. ⁣⁣
🧊 For 24-48 hours after injections, you can apply cold compresses (ice cubes with water in a baggie) which cause vessels to constrict, potentially limiting the size of a bruise and reduce swelling. No ice directly on the skin and limit compresses to 10 minutes at a time.

🛌 Sleeping with your head elevated helps drain excess fluid away around your face, reducing swelling. ⁣⁣
🔥 After a day or two, some find it’s helpful to switch to warm compresses for a bruise. This increases blood flow to the area, causing the bruise to fade quicker. Taking ibuprofen or naproxen at this point can help reduce swelling. ⁣⁣
🧴Keep taking your arnica montana if you started it beforehand. Topical bruise creams like vitamin K oxide and arnica can be used as well.

Yes, I know some of these are hard to avoid for these time periods and that’s ok...just know that it increases chances of bruising.

I always recommend doing treatments at least 2 weeks prior to an event to allow time to heal in case of bruising.

Great reminders reposted from the 👑April Harrison PA-C⁣⁣, @april_harrison_derm_pa

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Clients like Julie are who we do it for 💖No matter your goals, we will never compromise our passion for excellent care and exceptional results. Let us help you regain your youth, unveil your inner beauty, and feel absolutely amazing inside and out 🤗Schedule your appointment today to get started! #dallasmedspa #josanne #dallasmakeover #antiagingsolution #spainthecity ...

"Alrighty Doll, thanks so much! Have a good weekend!" -John

John and his flirty self is always making us laugh and have a great time!

Our staff loves serving our fabulous your appointment today. We can't wait to see you next at Spa in the City! 💕

Wrinkles. Fine lines. And who can forget about bags? Your eyes are just (if not more!) prone to aging as the rest of your face 👎 While time is certainly to blame, collagen and elastin loss from sun damage is the true culprit. Here's how to help:

✅Wear daily SPF
✅Apply medical-grade eye cream
✅Invest in aesthetic procedures like plasma skin remodeling
✅Get a good night's rest

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