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Discover how a Geneo Facial in Dallas can deliver your ideal skin.

You know how important it is to look and feel your best. Unfortunately, skin problems and the aging process can often mean that you don’t feel like the best version of yourself. Our priority at Spa In The City in Dallas, is to offer treatments that deliver real benefits and noticeable results. One of the best of these skincare treatments is a Geneo — and for good reason.

Geneo is a facial treatment designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin. This is achieved because Geneo working on both the inside and outside of the skin. Geneo is a combined 3-in-1 treatment offering clinically-proven results. Its unique approach typically results in skin that looks not only naturally beautiful but younger, too.

What and how it Treats

Geneo delivers exceptional results.

Here are some of the benefits that may be enjoyed by patients using Geneo:

  • Immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin may be achieved after just one treatment.
  • The skin is usually left looking and feeling rejuvenated, and these improvements can be maintained with further treatments.
  • Targeted treatments can be used to address specific skin concerns.
  • Improved skin texture may be achieved thanks to the process of removing dead skin cells.
  • The skin appears brighter, and dullness may be resolved as a result of the removal of dead skin cells and improved skin texture.
  • Treatment options can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs, such as to achieve skin that looks more youthful or address skin that has become dull.
  • Geneo is a quick treatment that aims to deliver fast results, making it ideal for patients that are short on time and have busy schedules.
  • This is a safe, non-invasive treatment, so there is no need to worry about the potential complications or side effects caused by more invasive skincare treatments.
  • As Geneo offers a unique three-in-one approach to facial treatment, patients can generally expect to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

How it works

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Geneo exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, open clogged pores, smooth the surface and renew the skin. The treatment generates an abundance of CO2 bubbles that permeate the upper skin layer to trigger a physiological response knowns the Bohr Effect.


As well as playing a big part in improving the appearance of the skin, the exfoliation stage also prepares the skin for optimum absorption of the active ingredients in the final stage of the treatment.



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Geneo harnesses the natural processes of the body to oxygenate the skin from within with the Bohr Effect! During the Bohr Effect, the body sends O2-rich blood to the skin to replace the CO2. This results in optimal skin oxygenation and increased cellular activity.


The combination of the massage effect and the products used causes the natural process of oxygen rising to the surface of the skin to be activated.

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Infusion is the final stage of the Geneo treatment. The exfoliation and oxygenation stages combine to prepare the skin for the nourishment phase as well as offering significant benefits to the skin in their own right. In this final stage, the blend of active ingredients is applied to the skin and absorbed.


The result is skin that looks younger, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

What to Expect

Here’s what to expect with Geneo in Dallas.

Geneo stands to deliver excellent results for patients of various ages and skin types. Whether you have a specific skin problem that you would like help with, or you want to improve the appearance of your skin, Geneo could provide the results that you are after. However, results do vary based on a number of factors, and multiple sessions may be required.

Generally speaking, Geneo at Spa in the City is an excellent facial treatment for those who would like younger-looking skin with ZERO downtime. The treatments can help to deliver fresher, more youthful-looking skin to patients thanks to it working on both the inside and outside of the skin using a combined treatment approach.

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I needed to look good for Cattlebarons and Renaida convinced me Geneo was the answer….she was not wrong.



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