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Take Control Of Aging Skin

Take Control Of Aging Skin

No matter what you do to protect your skin such as wearing enough sunscreen each day before you leave your home, some sunlight will reach those cells, and that means exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Not only do we have to worry about the effects of sunlight on our skin as we age, but we also have to think about all those tiny little molecules floating around in the air. These particles can be dirt or free-radicals that can further inhibit the health of the skin for a long-lasting youthful appearance. For our patients at Spa in the City, everything makes a difference if you haven’t thought about your skin in years. Our aesthetician will offer full skin analyses to give your skin the best chance of complete healing and any recommendations to focus on in your treatment selections. So now is the time to take control of aging skin so you can conquer the world with that confidence!

Why Does Loose, Sagging Skin Happen?

In our teen years, you don’t have many worries except high school drama and what you’re going to do on Friday nights–if only we could still be that lucky. Young skin can handle weather changes, stretching and pulling as well as quick healing from sun damage or a less than perfect skin care regimen. However, when we reach our mid-30’s these changes can begin to surface and not in the best ways. The skin becomes loose, sagging and dry so you may look much older than you are. The reason we experience severe skin texture changes is that something deep into the dermal layer (deepest layer of the skin) called collagen becomes thin and bundled. Healthy collagen fibers create nice supple skin that has volume and bounce, but old collagen becomes inactive and shrivels away to leave loose, sagging skin.

The Solution for Aging Skin—Thermage

The solution for loose and sagging skin is to get rid of dead collagen fibers and promote new collagen growth all over the skin. How do we do that? At Spa in the City, we offer a variety of solutions that can gradually increase collagen production so your skin can naturally remove old structures and create fresh ones that rebuild former strength in the skin. Dermal fillers with particular chemical formulas can have this effect over time, the more you use them. But our favorite solution is Thermage.

Thermage is a noninvasive radio frequency treatment that uses heat to get you that new collagen and improve the texture of the skin for a toned and evenly smooth look. If you’re dealing with wrinkles around the eyes, jowls around the mouth and crepey skin on the body, this treatment is just the thing. It doesn’t require any more than one application to start the process and only requires 45 minutes to treat your eyes, forehead,full face, and neck, or a full 90 minutes to target your favorite areas on your body that need some sprucing up. In just a few months you’ll see the skin begin to improve and premature signs of aging will shrink back into yesterday.

Call Spa in the City today at 972-441-7933 to learn more about Thermage and how it can help get your skin back to beautiful!

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