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The Magic of Neurotoxin Injectables | Botox Near You

Fine lines and wrinkles can start to appear on your skin as early as your early 20s. While many factors determine the prevalence of fine lines and wrinkles, there is an easy, non-surgical solution to most wrinkle woes: Botox and other neurotoxins! 

Neurotoxin injectables are arguably the most popular aesthetic treatment in the world. Even though it’s such a popular treatment, we find that not everyone knows about the capabilities of neurotoxins like Botox near you. They work for all skin tones, skin types, and a wide range of ages for many different concerns. 

Below, the expert injectors at Spa in the City discuss the many functions of Botox and other neurotoxins.

What is Botox®?

Botox is the world’s most popular wrinkle treatment. This injectable reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face by relaxing the muscles that contract and create them in the first place. Botox is FDA-approved and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. 

By relaxing your facial muscles, Botox near you softens existing wrinkles and helps stop new ones from forming. We use Botox to prevent frowning, which creases the skin. Botox does NOT make you look frozen! You can still be expressive, you just won’t have wrinkling in certain areas 😊  

What’s so incredible about Botox and other neurotoxins is their versatility. We can use Botox in multiple facial areas to smooth out lines and wrinkles, but it also improves two other conditions: TMJ and excessive sweating—we’ll explain more about this later! 

Other types of neurotoxins


Dysport is another FDA-approved injectable and works to diminish moderate to severe facial wrinkles between the eyebrows; these are called frown lines or glabellar lines. Dysport is another neurotoxin where in some countries is even more popular than Botox. 


Jeuveau is one of the latest Botox alternatives and is FDA-approved for treating moderate-to-severe frown lines. Jeuveau is an aesthetic-only injectable treatment that uses proprietary Hi-Pure™ technology, a purification process which makes it unique. 

Xeomin is a neurotoxin we can use to treat moderate-to-severe frown lines / glabellar lines. Xeomin’s formula differs from Botox by not having certain protein additives. 

So which type of neurotoxin is best for me?

All neurotoxins work similarly; they block the nerve signals in facial muscles that cause wrinkles, softening and smoothing out your skin. They vary in formula, and some types work better for certain ages and skin conditions. The best way to find out the best neurotoxin for you is to schedule a consultation with an experienced injector!  

At Spa in the City, we love providing individualized recommendations tailored to your skin, needs, and goals. Our Owner and Master Injector Josanne Stephens has years of knowledge and experience with injections. Her goal is to provide honest recommendations and consistent, natural-looking results. All of our providers maintain this philosophy for every service we offer. Dr Christina Riccio is our go-to Botox injector with years of experience. 

product photo of Botox near you in Dallas

The Abilities of Neurotoxins | Botox Near You in Dallas

Neurotoxins like Botox are the most popular aesthetic treatments for good reason; they are VERY versatile and customizable. Whether you’re in your 30s or your 60s, injectables like Botox near you work for many facial aging concerns. 

With lines and wrinkles, it’s important to understand that certain factors increase the chances of lines forming: 

  • Excess sun exposure or inadequate sun protection
  • Repeated facial expression 
  • Thinner skin and less structure as skin ages 
  • Genetics

Keep these factors in mind as we discuss different wrinkle types, as they can contribute to any of them. 

Now, let’s get into the wrinkle types we can treat with Botox and other neurotoxins!

Forehead Lines and Wrinkles

Some of the first lines to appear for many are forehead lines and wrinkles. These are the lines that appear on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows 😯 and can be some of the deepest lines.

Between the Brows / 11s

Also known as glabellar lines, 11’s are two marks side by side that form an “11.” They happen when you frown or furrow your eyebrows. Many people do this without realizing it, like when you are concentrating on a task, or reading.  

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are named for the lines that form at the outer corners of your eyes and look similar to the lines of a bird’s foot. These lines typically appear when you smile, raising the cheekbones and creasing the skin in the outer eye area. 

Chin Wrinkles / Marionette Lines

Marionette lines appear starting at the outer corners of your lips down to the bottom of your chin. These lines occur with age, where your skin has less collagen and elastin in it to give structural support. This, along with gravity, can make the skin sag, creating chin/marionette lines. 

Neck Bands

Neck bands are the lines that form horizontally across the neck. They happen from repeated creasing caused when you look down a lot, such as when you are looking at a phone or tablet screen. Because of this, we sometimes refer neck bands to as “tech neck” 📲

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines form around the nose near the upper part of your bridge and near the inner eye corners. They form from repeated scrunching of the nose area, which can happen when you smile or make other facial expressions.

Lip Lines

Lip lines above the upper lip often form from repeatedly pursing your lips. Typically, these are most prevalent in those who smoke, use straws often, and other forms of expression that cause lip pursing.

Gummy Smile

One of the latest techniques for Botox is to improve the appearance of a gummy smile! Some people are born with a “gummy smile,” where their lips naturally pull up from their teeth, showing a lot of gum along with their pretty smile. If you are self-conscious about this, a little Botox may be perfect for you!

Botox can reduce the amount of gums shown in your smile by relaxing the muscles in the upper lip area. We inject into strategic areas to relax the muscles, keeping them “down” when you smile and covering the gums 😊

provider administering Botox near you in Dallas

Other treatable conditions with Botox

Masseter or TMJ Treatment for Jaw Pain

Your masseter muscle is one of your muscles in your jaw that helps you chew. Unfortunately, many people experience jaw pain from an overactive masseter. Stress and anxiety can cause clenching and overuse of this muscle, making it stronger and larger than it needs to be for its function. 

One of the BEST and most effective treatments for jaw pain caused by overuse of the masseter is Botox! When injected, Botox relaxes this muscle, preventing you from clenching your jaw for extended periods of time. This improves jaw pain, while still maintaining your ability to talk and eat normally. 

Botox Brow Lift

One of the coolest techniques we use is a mini Botox brow lift! This is a great treatment for those who experience sagging skin in the outer brow area that causes eye hooding or a drooping effect. 

Our expert injectors can use Botox in strategic areas of the forehead and between your eyebrows to relax them, creating a lifting, youthful effect on the brow. Though it will not have as dramatic results, a Botox brow lift is a non-surgical alternative to a blepharoplasty cosmetic surgical procedure.

Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Underarm Sweating

Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive underarm sweating, where you often soak through clothing and antiperspirants aren’t enough to keep you dry and comfortable. This can affect your comfort and self-confidence in your daily life. 

Botox can reduce excessive sweating by blocking nerves that signal sweat glands. Since a certain amount of sweating is necessary and healthy, we do not use Botox to stop sweating completely. We can use Botox to stop sweating in specific areas, and you will still be able to sweat elsewhere. This can change the game for any of our patients suffering from hyperhidrosis. 

Lip Flip 

One of the latest techniques for Botox is a Botox lip flip treatment! A lip flip is an alternative to traditional lip filler to enhance your lips. It uses Botox and your natural upper lip to create a fuller look. 

For the lip flip, we inject a small amount of product into the outer corners and the Cupid’s bow area (the middle of your upper lip). The relaxation of these muscles makes your inner lip, which normally doesn’t show, “flip” outward to give it a fuller, natural look. 

Learn more about the possibilities with Botox near you in Dallas at Spa in the City!

The team at Spa in the City is dedicated to providing the best, most natural-looking results possible. Our goal is for you to feel better in your skin, without erasing your natural beauty. We will provide excellent client care while producing exceptional results for your concerns. And, as always, we strive to find options that fit into your budget.  

Book a consultation or contact us with any questions you have about Botox near your or any of our services at Spa in the City!

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