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Botox Lip Flip in Dallas: Enhance Your Lips Without Filler or Correct a Gummy Smile

If you want to achieve subtle, fuller lips without dermal fillers, a Botox lip flip in Dallas may be the best solution for you! A lip flip uses your natural lips and a little Botox for a big impact! 

Botox is a super versatile neurotoxin treatment. We use it primarily as a wrinkle treatment, but it can also work as a non-surgical brow lift technique, and improve other conditions as well.

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Keep reading to learn how we can enhance your lips and/or correct a gummy smile with a lip flip!

How It Works | Botox Lip Flip in Dallas

A lip flip is one of the latest techniques for Botox. It’s a great alternative to traditional lip filler and also produces natural-looking results. 

For a Botox lip flip, we inject a small amount of product into the outer corners and the Cupid’s bow area (the middle of the upper lip). The relaxation of these muscles makes your inner lip, which normally doesn’t show, “flip” outward that gives it a fuller, more enhanced look!

How a lip flip can help a gummy smile

Another one of the latest techniques for Botox is to improve the appearance of a gummy smile! Some people are born with a “gummy smile,” where their lips naturally pull up from their teeth when they smile, showing a lot of gums. If you are self-conscious of this, a little Botox may be perfect for you!

Botox can reduce the amount of gums shown in your smile by relaxing the muscles in the upper lip area. We inject into strategic areas to relax the muscles, keeping them “down” when you smile and covering the gums 😊

If you want to enhance your lips AND correct a gummy smile, a Botox lip flip in Dallas can help with both! Our injection specialist will create a customized Botox treatment plan for your unique anatomy and goals.

Learn more about a Botox lip flip in Dallas at Spa in the City!

The team at Spa in the City is dedicated to providing the best, most natural-looking results possible. Our goal is for you to feel better in your skin, without erasing your natural beauty. We will provide excellent client care while producing exceptional results for your concerns. And, as always, we strive to find options that fit into your budget.  

Book a consultation or contact us with any question you have about Botox lip flips or any of our services at Spa in the City!

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