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5 Things We Should Never Do To Our Skin

5 Things We Should Never Do To Our Skin


Everyone is an expert when it comes to what you should do for your skin, but what about the things you should seriously stop doing? At Spa in the City, we’ve got some tips to help you get to the core of any bad skin habits that are holding you back from seeing your healthiest skin. You know what to do to improve the look of the skin from the inside out, but the things you do on the surface are those that slip on by without notice. Here’s our list of 5 things we should never do to our skin (So, stop it. Yes, you.):

Pick or Touch Your Face

These little nervous touches to the surface of your skin bring out all the bacteria that can cause breakouts. Natural oils on your fingertips and palms will transfer over to your face when you touch or pick, which will spread and cause unnecessary acne, especially around your mouth and chin. We also see serious inflammation with red pigmented areas that are often picked at unconsciously.

Expose Your Skin to the Sun

Not only does our lovely sun cause hyperpigmentation (discoloration), fine lines, and wrinkles, but it also causes your skin to lose its elastic qualities and volume. Please, oh please, wear your sunscreen every single day; it’s important that you give your skin some type of protection when you’re out and about because ultraviolet rays are no joke. If you’re not careful, this discoloration in the skin can cause texture changes and age spotting that are difficult to reduce.

Forget to Exfoliate

Do not under any circumstances forget this little tip about exfoliating your skin. When you take the time to exfoliate, do it at least once or twice a week because you’re constantly shedding dead skin cells that sit on the surface and dull your complexion. By helping the process, you’ll keep your skin looking vibrant, youthful, and energized. Refreshing your skin each week will reduce the obstacle in your skin care regimen and nonsurgical treatments.

Eat Processed Food

Sorry, not sorry. Eating junk food will impact the look and feel of your skin. If you’re consistently eating oily, processed junk then where will the nutrients and nourishing vitamins come from? Stay away from these processed food aisles at the grocery store and stick to foods that are natural and all the colors of the rainbow. Every green leafed veggie and brightly colored root have a few different things it can do to improve the tone, texture and interior cellular health at the base level. Rethink that Pop-Tart. Come on, drop it!

Stress Out

Environmental and emotional stressors will cause your skin to behave badly because it shows everything you feel. You’ll show off your stress with increased inflammation, breakouts, and tired, sallow skin. Improving your mood with exercise that gathers extra energy and releases feel good hormones can reset your look. Whether it’s work, family or relationship stress, the best thing to do is get up and move to release it into the environment and get it out of your body. Take a walk, right now, and see how much better you feel afterward. When you exercise, you’ll feel this incredible flow of blood and oxygen as it works through your cells and invigorates your system.

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