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Why Laser Hair Removal is Safe for Your Summer Schedule

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes more chances to show off smooth skin! If you’re considering or already undergoing laser hair removal treatment here in Dallas, you might wonder whether continuing over the summer is safe. After all, increased sun exposure can be damaging to your skin. The good news is that you can — and should! — continue your laser hair treatments this summer. With proper sun protection (SPF 30+), you can enjoy your summer adventures with that smooth skin that makes you feel radiant. Rest assured; there are several reasons to continue treatment this season.

Consistency is Key

Laser hair removal targets the pigment in your hair follicles. The heat from the laser damages the follicle and interrupts its growth cycle. For most people, laser hair removal is a gradual process and doesn’t have the desired results after just one session. Keeping a consistent schedule allows the laser to target your hair growth regularly. Skipping a treatment (especially for several months) can significantly delay your progress and ultimately lead to a less effective treatment. In fact, hair can grow faster during the summer months, leaving you with a lot to tackle if you take a prolonged treatment break. Continuing your laser hair removal treatment throughout the summer will ensure the treatment consistently targets your hair growth, resulting in better and longer-lasting results.

Alternative Hair Removal May Cause Damage

Your skin is extra sensitive while you’re in the middle of your laser hair removal series. You may be inclined to skip the summer treatments for this reason, thinking you’ll better protect your skin by avoiding the procedure. Chances are, you’ll still want that smooth, summer-ready skin, though. Shaving, plucking, or waxing to skip a laser treatment can lead to increased skin irritation. Because the area is already sensitive, these abrasive alternatives could leave you feeling red, raw, and uncomfortable in your summer attire. Trusting your hair removal to the professionals at Spa in the City in Dallas  is the best way to stay safe this season.

Summer Skincare is Essential

Having a laser hair removal treatment during the summer means you’re guaranteed time with a trained aesthetician. This professional can ensure your summer skincare routine is on track for healthy, glowing skin all season long. Clients who opt to skip laser hair removal over the summer often forget that technicians offer more than just a zap with the laser. They offer advice and wisdom that’s invaluable during these hot months. If you’re concerned about additional treatments you may get, like laser resurfacing, your Dallas aesthetician will help you choose the best alternatives for this season. For example, Skin Pen and RF Microneedling are some Spa in the City treatments you can consider for keeping up with your progress over the summer.

Ease Some Summer Travel Stress

Whether you’re planning a luxurious trip to the beach or simply lounging by the kiddie pool every afternoon, summer travel and activity plans can be stressful. Take one thing off your list by ensuring that your laser hair removal schedule keeps you on track for smooth, glowing skin. You deserve to look and feel your best this season, and worrying about shaving or plucking shouldn’t interfere with your fun. Staying on a regular schedule also means knowing how your skin will react, how long it might take post-treatment to recover, and your best time of the month to head to the spa. You can easily plan summer fun around the consistent routine that’s worked for you all year! Laser hair removal in the summer is safe and effective, and your tech will ensure you have all the SPF 30+ sunscreen you need to pack for a great time in the sun.

Enjoy showing off your hair-free skin this summer by continuing your laser hair removal treatments in a safe, professional environment at Spa in the City Dallas. Your skin will thank you for maximizing its time to shine this season!

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