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The 3-Step Geneo Facial Process that Will Leave You Glowing

It’s never too late to take care of your skin. Whether you’re concerned about aging, acne, or simply want to look refreshed, adding a professional facial to your routine can accomplish much more than at-home treatments. If you’re looking for something non-invasive and efficient, the innovative Geneo facials are for you. Head to Spa in the City for the best Geneo facial in Dallas. Here’s everything to know before you go.


What Is a Geneo Facial?

One of the newest spa trends, a Geneo facial is a cutting-edge way to look younger, more refreshed, and rejuvenated — all hands-free without intrusive or harsh methods! This innovative facial technique taps into the power of oxygen and capitalizes on something called the Bohr Effect. This is a physiological response in your body that sends extra oxygen to areas with high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2). By creating a lot of CO2 bubbles on the surface of your skin and letting them penetrate the outer layer, your body will go to work sending oxygen-rich blood to those cells. The combination of external treatment and internal rejuvenation makes a Geneo facial unique.



The 3-Step Geneo Process

When you get a Geneo facial at Spa in the City, you can rest assured that our friendly, knowledgeable staff optimizes the three-step process for comfort and quality.

  • Exfoliation: This step is essential for opening pores and removing dead skin. It also creates the CO2 bubbles that will infuse the top layer of your skin and trigger the Bohr Effect.
  • Oxygenation: Triggered by the concentration of CO2 on your skin, your body sends extra oxygen-rich blood to your face to compensate. The massage effect from the Geneo treatment tool enhances this natural process.
  • Infusion: Now that your skin is prepped and your body is focused on facial rejuvenation, this stage adds further benefit by nourishing your skin with the chosen active ingredients. Depending on your skincare goals, there are several nutrient blends to choose from.

Unique Geneo Benefits

Traditional facials, hydra facials, Geneo facials — what’s the difference? And what’s best about the Geneo facial? One of the most common client responses after getting a Geneo facial is that there’s virtually no downtime. 


Unlike traditional and hydra facials, where there may be pulling of the skin, the Geneo facial does not use any suctioning or invasive techniques. Your skin will look refreshed immediately after treatment so that you can continue your typical day. The unique oxygenation process also helps stimulate your body’s natural rejuvenation response. That’s why this facial is one of the best ways to jumpstart an increase in your natural collagen production over time.  

Who Is a Candidate?

If you’re looking for spa services in Dallas, chances are you’re a good candidate for a Geneo facial at Spa in the City. With several specialized formulations, these facials offer impressive versatility in tackling various skincare concerns. 

If you’ve had unwanted reactions to traditional facials in the past, take notice of the Geneo option. Many clients with sensitive skin rave about how gentle this process can be. On the other hand, if you’re looking to tackle multiple or complex skincare concerns, Geneo may not work as quickly as other treatments. Request a consultation today to see the best process for your skin and goals.   

Geneo Affordability

Joining the VIP membership allows you to make regular monthly installments and receive services at a discounted rate.. Financing through Cherry is also available. And remember – Spa in the City will match any published price from Dallas providers on a full-service treatment.

If you’ve been looking for a refreshing and innovative way to add a youthful glow to your look, consider a Geneo facial at Spa in the City today!


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