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What to Do About Lines Around the Eyes – Wrinkle Relaxers (BOTOX or Dysport) or Eye Creams?

What to Do About Lines Around the Eyes – Wrinkle Relaxers (BOTOX or Dysport) or Eye Creams?

You smile, and you have little lines show up at the corners of your eyes… it’s natural! However, once we reach a certain age, those lines don’t always go away when we are finished smiling. You now have crow’s feet.

So a basic rule of thumb dictates you use eye cream, a GOOD eye cream, twice daily. Not an over-the-counter brand, but something with active ingredients to nourish and feed the delicate tissue around the eyes. At Spa in the City, we carry a variety of choices from Rhonda Alison, Skinbetter or Alastin. Eye creams alone will work well if your age is somewhere between teenager to around 30. By the time we reach 30, though, our skin is changing, and we may need a little extra help from the needle. I try to be as conservative as possible around the eyes because in some people, using BOTOX® or Dysport® will alter the way they look when they smile. Sometimes, it can alter your looks so much that you look fake. Not good! When we are younger, we can try to use a wrinkle relaxer once or twice and get the lines relaxed then keep feeding that skin with eye cream to achieve a smooth appearance. A lot of people can use this approach successfully. Another conservative approach is to use wrinkle relaxers every other time you visit Spa in the City… say one or two times a year rather than every quarter. For those who have waited to address this concern, the most aggressive approach for these pesky little lines is wrinkle relaxers every 3-4 months and eye cream twice daily. This is in addition to regular skin care products; including, but not limited to, vitamin C, Retinol and of course a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. One might also possibly even try some laser treatments like Pixel, REDO or Ultherapy.

Spa in the City is beauty’s Med-Spa address, so come in for a consultation and let us help you drink from the fountain of youth and keep those eyes smiling.

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