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Enjoy Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Enjoy Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal Treatments

For many people, dealing with unwanted hair is a part of life. You might find yourself using razors, depilatory creams and other tools to get rid of the hair. However, you don’t have to keep using these tools for hair removal. Instead, try learning more about laser hair removal treatments.

What Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Laser hair removal has been popular for a number of years, and it’s even more popular than ever now. With this type of treatment, pulses of laser light are used. The laser light destroys the hair follicle. This helps prevent hair from growing back.

Where Can You Have Hair Removed with a Laser?

People use this permanent procedure to get rid of hair all over their bodies. Some people like to use laser hair removal treatments to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Others have this procedure done so that they no longer have to worry about shaving their legs or armpits.

Laser hair removal can actually be done on any area of the body. This means that no matter where you are dealing with unwanted body hair, getting rid of it for good is possible. This treatment can be used on the back, legs, thighs, bikini regions, arms, underarms, ears, face, under the chin, abdomen, and chest.

What Should You Expect During Treatment?

We don’t typically use anesthetic, but you may request a topical numbing cream to be applied 30 minutes prior to a session. Our technician will use the GentleLASE Pro, a handheld device with a tip that determines the size of the treatment area. As the laser makes contact with the skin, the technician will move it side to side in order to treat one area at a time. The majority of patients report feeling comfortable during the procedure.

Is There Any Aftercare?

Aftercare is very easy. You should be able to resume regular activity right away. If going out in the sun, you will be instructed to wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. You may need to have multiple treatments done if you would like to have completely silky and smooth skin and if you want to completely avoid having to shave or use other hair removal methods in the future.

If you are ready to enjoy silky smooth skin, laser hair removal treatments might be right for you. Get in touch with Spa in the City so we can tell you more about this procedure and how it might benefit you. If you think you want to have laser hair removal done, contact us today to schedule a consultation today! Our office is conveniently located in Dallas.

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