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What Kind of Facials Are Best for You?

What Kind of Facials Are Best for You?

You know the importance of eating well, exercising and drinking enough water. Your body requires healthy routines to stay in tip-top shape. Many of us don’t realize how important the same is for our skin. Your daily routine is good, but it’s not enough. Regular facials should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine. Call Spa In The City in Dallas, TX to make an appointment for one of our custom facials.

Why Does My Skin Need Facials?

If you’ve ever looked at your skin in the mirror and wished it looked a little brighter, clearer or firmer, a routine of getting facials may be all you need. You can get the boost you’re looking for by making your skin a priority and taking the time to treat it well. You’ll be surprised by all the benefits facials provide.

You’ll Learn About Your Skin

There’s nothing like an expert analyzing your skin. Our skin changes, not just with age but with hormonal changes, seasonal changes, and life’s stressors. The products you used a year ago might not be doing the job anymore.

Product recommendations are oftentimes made at the end of each facial. Be open to what they’re suggesting. Over the course of several facials, you’ll have what you need to tackle your skin’s condition and increase its overall health.

You’ll Get Professional Exfoliation

There’s only so much we can do at home. If you’re using manual exfoliation like scrubs or brushes or chemical exfoliation from cleansers, you’re still not getting the benefit of professional exfoliation. Because our skincare specialist is tailoring the facial to your specific needs, the right intensity will be used to remove dead and dull skin cells while still calming and soothing your skin.

You’ll Enjoy Deep Pore Cleansing and Extractions

You have no idea how much dirt, old makeup, and debris is hiding in your pores. No matter how many blackhead strips you use, a professional extraction is amazing and eye-opening. Your skincare specialist will extract all the gunk hiding in your pores without injuring your skin like we all do when we try this at home.

Your Circulation Will Increase

This is everyone’s favorite part, and while the massage step is super relaxing, it plays an important function in the health of your skin. When your face is massaged, it increases your circulation, which brings more oxygen-rich blood to the skin on your face. Over time, this can lead to firmer and brighter skin.

How Do I Know Which Facial Is Right for Me?

Any comprehensive spa will have multiple facials to choose from because they understand how different people have different concerns, time constraints, and budgets. You can consult with our skilled aesthetician to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your skin type and concern.

If you’ve chosen one that might not be right for you, a great skincare specialist will tell you so and direct you to a more appropriate choice. Here are some great facials to consider as you get on the road to healthier skin:

Hydroglow Facial Express

This highly effective facial is getting a lot of attention because it hydrates and exfoliates the skin in addition to getting rid of excess dirt and other particles that keep the skin from absorbing all of the proper nutrients.

Who Can Benefit From This Facial?

The great part of this facial is that it’s appropriate for just about anybody. Only our specialist can determine if this is exactly right for your skin, but this is formulated to address various common skin complaints.

City Special Facial

This may seem super trendy, but the technology has been around a long time. This facial takes advantage of innovative techniques in order to bring about amazing results. The facial can be customized based on the client’s wants and needs. Many clients see results after the first treatment, but it’s getting into a good routine of treatments that will offer the best results.

Who Can Benefit From This Facial?

Anybody who wants their skin to look a little firmer and younger may want to consider getting this facial. Only a skin care analysis with Josanne Stephens can help you know for sure.

We love that our facial are so customizable because they can tackle more issues than a singularly focused facial can. Clients can choose from:

  • Skin brightening for pigmentation issues and dull complexions
  • Pore clarifying to remove oil, black and whiteheads and tighten pores
  • Ultra hydrating for before big events and for sensitive skin
  • Much more!

With so many options available, a customized facial is suitable for practically anyone!

Other Facial Considerations

When you walk into our skincare clinic, you will see a variety of skin rejuvenation and facial treatments, and there are specific things to look for based on your areas of concern. If you’re concerned with signs of aging, you won’t want the same facial as a teenager who’s concerned with acne.

We’ve broken down specific steps, processes, and ingredients to look for based on the most common concerns. If you don’t see yours, there’s still a treatment right for you. You’ll just need to consult with a specialist to decide which one that is.


If this is your main area of concern, you want to look for processes and ingredients that will hydrate your skin, increase blood flow to the area and address things like fine lines, pigmentation issues, skin laxity, and uneven texture. If you can’t find the exact facial you want, it may be because you’re not familiar with some ingredients or techniques they’re using. Always ask if you’re unsure.

Acne-Prone Skin

Acne doesn’t just strike teen skin. Hormone fluctuations can happen at any age, leading to an acne breakout. If you have oily skin, are just naturally acne-prone or are experiencing your first breakout since high school, look for these features when choosing a facial:

  • Mild exfoliation so your skin doesn’t become too dry
  • Facial steaming
  • Gentle extractions
  • Soothing and calming ingredients and serums

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You know how important your skin is, so if you’re ready to pay more attention to it, call Spa In The City in Dallas, TX to schedule your first facial with us. We’re committed to providing each of our clients with personal service and not just a treatment. We look forward to helping you achieve a greater sense of well-being and relaxation while we meet all your skincare needs!

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