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Can Sculptra Work for Me?

Can Sculptra Work for Me?

We all look in the mirror and see imperfections. Especially after the age of 34, your face and hands may start to show the signs of collagen loss. At Spa in the City in Dallas, TX, we believe strongly that every client should be comfortable and confident in his or her own skin. That’s why we want everyone dissatisfied with the signs of aging to consider Sculptra.

9 Signs Sculptra Can Work for You

1. You Want Long-Lasting Results

Sculptra is a collagen stimulator containing poly-L lactic acid, or PLLA. Unlike alternative anti-aging injectables that stimulate collagen production which only last a few months, this anti-aging injectable lasts for two years.

It works so well because it fills in the areas of volume loss, like forehead wrinkles or sunken cheeks, immediately. By the time it has worn off, your body has produced strong, healthy collagen in the treated area which will stay strong and healthy for at least 18 more months.

2. Your Cheeks Are Hollow or Sunken

Many things can cause volume loss in the cheeks. These include weight loss, medical conditions, such as HIV, nicotine consumption and age. Regardless of why you have lost volume in your cheeks, Sculptra can help. It can work for you if you feel that you look older than you should due to hollow or sunken cheeks but you don’t have the time or money for cheek augmentation.

3. You Want to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be caused by hyperactivity in muscles or volume loss in the region. If you have wrinkles you can’t stand to look at which aren’t “motion lines”, this treatment can work for you. Immediately upon injection, the dermal filler smooths out fine lines and moderate-to-severe wrinkles and folds. Over the next several weeks, your appearance continues to improve noticeably. After three to six months you’ll enjoy the full extent of your results.

4. You Want to Change Your Buttocks

If you dislike your buttocks, but you’re not ready for an invasive butt lift or Brazilian butt lift, there is an excellent chance that this revolutionary treatment can work for you. Because this treatment adds volume to the targeted site, it is a safe, effective alternative to butt augmentation via synthetic implants or fat transfer.

Moreover, because it strengthens and promotes the growth of collagen and elastin, this treatment tightens the region it was injected in. This makes it a viable alternative to a butt lift or other invasive skin tightening procedure.

5. You Don’t Like the Look of Your Arms

This treatment can work for you if you have a significant amount of muscle mass to build in your biceps or triceps. Because it automatically adds volume to the treated site, it is the perfect way to have perfectly sculpted arms for your upcoming big event, like your 20-year college reunion. Moreover, because the results last for two years, you have plenty of time to bulk up or tone your arms to your satisfaction.

6. You Are Dissatisfied With Your Chest

Men and women alike desire a more toned, well-defined chest. If you feel like your pecs could use some work to boost your self-confidence, this treatment can work for you. Remember, injections are strategically placed to make you look younger, stronger and fuller. After that, you have two years to dedicate to incline presses and weighted pushups to achieve your ideal aesthetic.

7. Your Stomach Could Use Some Work

Many people who achieve their ideal weight find that they have no excess stomach fat anymore. But they also don’t have the abdominal muscles that are needed to achieve that sleek, svelte, attractive appearance. People who have undergone significant weight loss also often struggle with cellulite in their lower abdominal region.

If you currently lack abdominal tone or suffer from stomach cellulite, this treatment can work for you. This treatment can also work for you if your abdominal skin is a little loose. While you enjoy 24 months of tight skin, you can tone your abdomen and enjoy a smooth, cellulite-free appearance. By the time two years have passed, there’s a good chance that your stomach skin will have “snapped” back into place following your dramatic weight loss.

8. You Can Follow Post-Treatment Instructions

This treatment can work for you if you can follow post-treatment instructions. While you can return to most of your daily activities immediately after treatment, it is important to comply with all post-treatment steps you need to take.

For example, you must avoid unprotected sun exposure and tanning beds for the first 72 hours after treatment. You will need to massage the treatment site for five minutes at a time, five times daily for five days after treatment. If you’re not confident you can follow these instructions, this treatment may be unable to help you.

9. You Can Follow Pre-Treatment Instructions

For this treatment to work for you, you must also be able to follow pre-treatment instructions. For instance, you are advised to avoid taking NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, for the first 72 hours before treatment.

Discover How You Can Age Gracefully Today

Everyone wants to age gracefully, but not everyone can age gracefully without professional help. Are you ready to shave years off your face? Do you want to learn more about Sculptra? If so, contact us at Spa in the City in Dallas, TX today. We believe everyone should feel confident and attractive, regardless of age.

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