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Vaginal Rejuvenation with Juliet Feminine Wellness

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation, and Who is it For?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a medical and cosmetic procedure proven to help women experiencing discomfort related to itching, dryness, or stress urinary incontinence. 

These procedures improve loss of elasticity and overall skin softness. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments come in many shapes and sizes, from topical creams to surgical procedures. At Spa in the City, we offer a rejuvenation procedure that is non-invasive and performed in-office. 

Whether you’re experiencing uncomfortable changes due to recently giving birth or aging, our treatment can provide solace and redemption. 



As we know, with aging comes changes in our bodies and their functions. We often hear about our hair graying or noticing our first age spot–but less commonly discussed are the changes to our reproductive health later in life. 

Jo Hill, MD, addresses this change saying, “childbirth and age can change a woman’s vagina, and there are some women who want to try to reverse those changes.” Vaginal rejuvenation is a great tool to begin to regain your youth down under. These treatments help regain vaginal elasticity, improve dryness, and even aid with incontinence.


What Are the Benefits?

I’m glad you asked. Post-vaginal rejuvenation, studies show 86% of women reported a noticeable betterment in their sex lives, including reduced pain during intercourse, improved sensitivity, and greater partner satisfaction.  Not only will this procedure boost your confidence by giving you the knowledge that you’ve never looked better aesthetically, but you’ll also notice an improvement in elasticity and self-lubrication that will only aid your intimate endeavors.


How Does it Work?

At Spa in the City, our feminine rejuvenation procedure consists of a laser treatment that targets the improvement of collagen to activate your body’s ability to regenerate and restore your vaginal tissue on a cellular level. The treatment has a very low level of discomfort. 

Our laser uses state-of-the-art technology and specialized light energy to target tissue safely without damaging any surrounding areas. The increased blood flow that comes from the regeneration of cellular tissue also increases your ability to self-lubricate! 



Since our approach at Spa in the City is non-invasive, our clients can resume having sex in 2 weeks and most activities within 72 hours after leaving our Med Spa. 

Depending on your personal goals, you may be set after one treatment or decide two are better than one and add an additional session to achieve your desired outcome. Since our treatment stimulates cellular repair, some patients will notice an improvement right away–with results continuing to improve in the following weeks as your tissue begins to regenerate. 

Whether you’re considering vaginal rejuvenation as an anti-aging treatment, a remedy for post-birth tinkles and loss of elasticity, or boosting your intimate life, we are excited to welcome you for your Juliet laser treatment! There’s nothing sexier than feeling your best.


Where Do I Sign Up?

So you’re sold! To schedule a consultation and outline your specific goals, click here to speak with one of our attentive technicians. We’re excited to go hand in hand with you on your journey toward personal freedom and satisfaction in the most sensitive parts of your life!


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