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Understanding zWave: Our Cellulite Treatment in Dallas

Understanding zWave: Our Cellulite Treatment in Dallas

One of the most common signs of aging is sagging skin, which is due to a decline in elastin and collagen. There are numerous treatments available to combat sagging skin. In many cases, this issue can be corrected with exercise and a healthy diet. Unfortunately, there is one cosmetic issue all the exercising and dieting in the world will not correct. This is the appearance of cellulite. Your best option is the zWave cellulite treatment. This procedure was originally developed in Europe. Since then, the popularity has grown for one reason: The treatment is effective. During the procedure in Dallas, your cellulite is broken up using radial shockwaves administered in rapid pulses as opposed to needles or surgery. The cellulite pockets are squeezed by the energy and broken down to help eliminate lumps and dimples in your skin.

The cellulite treatment is effective for almost any part of your body with either lumpy skin or dimples resulting from cellulite. The end result is younger-looking and smoother skin. The effectiveness of the procedure is based on acoustic waves. This pushes the sound waves into your skin resulting in an improvement in dimpling and cellulite. The cellulite treatment is often used for the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, and upper arms. A zWave treatment in Dallas will leave you with healthier, smoother, and tighter skin. Many individuals have this treatment after a skin-tightening procedure to enhance their results with cellulite reduction. This procedure was created exclusively for the reduction of cellulite.

The system transmits sound waves with a lot of power into areas with significant dimpling. Despite the procedure being completely painless, there is enough power in the pulses to break down the fibrous connective tissue resulting in cellulite dimpling. This helps eliminate your cellulite by excreting the fatty acids right into your bloodstream so they can be naturally removed from your body. The process begins when you schedule a consultation with us in Dallas. This is when the determination will be made as to whether or not you are a good candidate for this cellulite treatment.

During your cellulite treatment in Dallas, the medical professional applies radial shockwaves to your skin. This drains your bodily waste using your lymphatic system and improves the circulation of your blood. This results in stronger connective tissue. Your skin is healthier, your tissue is rich with collagen, and the retraction around your bones and muscles is improved. This improves the definition, tone, and circumference of you body in many areas such as your abdomen, legs, and buttocks for a full body contour. The procedure is effective and safe for the reduction of cellulite all over your body.

Some individuals do not need any maintenance sessions because their results last for so long. Although every person is unique, the majority of individuals choose to have an occasional maintenance session to continue enjoying the refreshed and rejuvenated appearance of their skin. During your cellulite treatment, a handheld wand is used by the medical professional. The wand is passed over your body to enable the shockwaves to break down the fat pockets and fibrous bands responsible for your dimpling and cellulite. After your session you will see more firmness and elasticity in your skin in addition to less cellulite. For optimal results, most individuals need six to ten treatments for approximately ten to 30 minutes each.

The Benefits of zWave

The benefits include:

• The treatment is effective for your thighs, abdomen, upper arms, and hips
• An improvement in body contours
• The treatment works fast
• Helps eliminate cellulite, scars, and stretch marks
• Your skin is left healthier, smoother, and tighter
• The results will last for a long time when combined with exercise and a healthy diet
• Clinically-proven to be effective and safe

• Your cellulite treatment in Dallas is relaxing and soothing with a similar feel to a massage. There is no discomfort or pain during or after your treatment. In some cases, there is just a little redness after the procedure. This will disappear naturally and fairly quickly.

• A customized treatment plan will be created for you during your consultation with the medical professional.

Telling the medical professional if you have had any other treatments or surgeries in the targeted area such as a laser skin procedure is very important. There is no downtime with this procedure. As soon as you have finished, you can perform any of your usual activities including returning to work. Only a couple treatments are necessary for you to start noticing a decrease in cellulite lumps and dimples. As you continue with your treatment plan, your results will continue to improve until you reach your optimal results. You need to understand cellulite may return because it is essentially hormonal. Your results will last a lot longer with exercise and a healthy diet.

Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent the return of cellulite. The number of treatments recommended for your needs are dependent on how much cellulite is present, as well as the severity. The best way to maximize your treatment results is to follow the plan tailored for your unique needs. The length of time depends on how many areas you are having treated and the size of each area.

This is a non-invasive and safe option for most methods used to remove cellulite or tighten your skin including a much more invasive cosmetic surgery. If you would like to have a zWave treatment, visit Spa in the City in Dallas, TX to speak with our professionals. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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