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Your ‘Do Could Be Thinning Your Hair

Your ‘Do Could Be Thinning Your Hair

All you have to do is open up a page of tutorial videos on Facebook or YouTube, and you’ll find an amazing hairstyle that you’ve been giddy about trying. Most of these styles include things like mermaid and fishtail braids, as well as tightly knotted cornrows feathered with flowers and whatever else you can imagine. While these styles are beautiful and can help you change up your look, they may also be a little too tight for your scalp. By the time you’re done working out an intricate braid, your arm muscles are burning so you might not immediately notice that your scalp is throbbing. Pay attention to that feeling because your ‘do could be thinning your hair. But don’t freak out just yet; it’s not too late to save your locks. At Spa in the City, we’ve got some tips to keep premature balding at bay and a way to stimulate hair growth if you’ve already noticed some thinning going on.

Tight Ponytails Can Pull and Cause Balding

We’ve talked about scalp pain a bit above, but we want to stress how important it is for you to pay attention to your body and your hair most of all. When you feel any throbbing pain coming from your scalp, that means that increased blood flow is rushing to the area to combat any pulling of the hair. When your hair follicles are being pulled or tugged at in a tight updo, the follicle becomes inflamed. When we put stress on the hair follicle itself, we’re making it weak and causing the follicle to die slowly. So if you’re wearing your hair like this every day, then you may notice some thinning where your hair is pulled the most.

The Fix: Viviscal and How it Works

Our clients are shocked when they find out there is a supplement that can promise lifelong hair growth that truly works. If you’re tired of creams, sprays and all the external products that don’t have any effect on the creation of hair protein from within, then Viviscal Professional supplements are Spa in the City’s recommendation for you. We offer these supplements right after your consultation as soon as you express a concern for hair loss and thinning, so you can start as soon as you get home.
So many thinning hair solutions say they’re able to stimulate growth, but they only work above the scalp and not within where the problem begins. Using a biotin, apple extract and specially formulated marine and protein derived amino acid, Viviscal can give your hair follicles all the components needed to support hair growth while it’s in the active anagen phase. All you have to do is take a little supplement each day, and you’ll see growth in the coming weeks.

Pros Say Loosen Up Your Up ‘Do

We know your hair is a reflection of who you are and another medium of self-expression so we know you won’t stop styling it, but we do hope you’ll be more gentle with your scalp. At maximum you should only wear your hair in tight hairstyles twice a week, if you have to. Bottom line—don’t sleep with you hair wrapped up in a pony tail or with pins harassing your strands all night. Let your hair down and loosen up girl!

If you think you’re experiencing hair loss and want to figure out what’s the best way to approach that, call Spa in the City today and book your appointment for Viviscal at 972 441-7933.

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