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What are the benefits of Ultherapy?

What Are the Benefits of Ultherapy?

If avoiding the mirror has become a habit, you’re not alone. Many people with sagging skin, wrinkles, and other imperfections feel self-conscious as their bodies begin to enter the natural aging process. If you are considering a skin treatment that is safe, effective, and easy, you might consider looking into Ultherapy. This method is an incredible and innovative alternative to a facelift and is just one of the many services offered at Spa in the City in Dallas, TX.

The Benefits of Ultherapy

Many patients choose this treatment because of the many advantages it offers. Aside from minimal preparation and being able to target precise areas on your skin, you can take advantage of the following benefits.

It Is Cost-Effective

A traditional facelift can set you back as much as $7,500, not to mention lost wages from having to take time off work. The average cost of a non-surgical skin tightening treatment can be much cheaper, depending on what areas of the body you have done. For example, a full face and neck treatment will typically range from $4,000 to $5,000.

If you only have a small area treated, such as your eyebrows, you can expect to pay much less, usually between $750 and 1,000. Prices vary based on where you live, the size of your treatment area, and how many sessions you need. Since this method is considered a cosmetic treatment, your insurance company will probably not cover the costs. Aside from being gentler on your body, this process is almost always more delicate on your budget, too.

There Is No Downtime

Since a traditional facelift is a surgical procedure, you can expect to be in recovery for at least two to three weeks, depending on how fast it takes your body to heal. Most facelift recoveries come with numbness, itching, and shooting pain. You may even have trouble opening your mouth. With heat therapy, you can skip over all of this and be back to your routine right after your appointment.

It Is Safe

This method is the first and only skin treatment cleared by the FDA to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin on your face, neck, and chest. You can now enjoy the benefits of this method, knowing that your skin and body will not be subjected to harmful or foreign substances. Ultrasound technology has been around for years and can deliver energy at a precise depth without damaging your other healthy skin and tissue.

It Is Non-Invasive

Unlike a traditional facelift, this treatment uses non-surgical ultrasound technology from a laser device to encourage collagen natural collagen growth, which can help tighten your skin. You won’t have to worry about undergoing general anesthesia, developing scars from incisions, or having to take any injections. All you have to do is lie down, relax, and let the device work its magic.

It Produces Natural-Looking, Long-Lasting Results

Many patients love this therapy because it takes at least a month to gradually achieve optimal results, which often comes off as natural. Most see the best outcomes within three to six months and can enjoy them for up to two years before having to return for retreatment. If you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve undergone a beauty treatment, this method is a great option!

A Closer Look

How Does It Work?

Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to regenerate your body’s collagen production levels using extreme temperatures. Heat energy from the device can penetrate your skin and multiple depths, affecting your skin, muscles, and superficial wrinkles. When elastin and collagen are stimulated within your body, you can begin to enjoy tighter skin and fewer wrinkles.

Heat therapy is as easy as one-two-three. Here is what you can expect during a routine treatment:


You don’t have to do much to prepare for heat therapy. All you’ll need to do is arrive at your appointment with skin that is clean of makeup, lotion, or other skincare products.

During Treatment

During treatment, your physician will clean the treatment area and apply an ultrasound gel. Next, he or she will place the device against your skin and adjust it to the appropriate settings until the correct amount of energy is delivered to your targeted areas. A single treatment can take anywhere from a half-hour up to 90 minutes.


After your session, you can work, socialize, and even exercise as usual. Most patients begin to see noticeable improvements within a few days, which will continue for a few months. As long as your body continues to produce new collagen, the results will be long-lasting. When the natural aging process sets in again, you can choose to return for additional sessions.

Improve Your Skin Today!

If time is not on your side, you don’t have to be insecure about your flaws anymore. Instead of dealing with the hassle of undergoing a facelift, you can diminish signs of aging and regain your vigor with a simple laser skin therapy that doesn’t take any time out of your day. If you’re looking to tighten the skin around your face and neck naturally, contact Spa in the City in Dallas, TX, today to set up your initial consultation.

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