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The Importance of Aftercare

At Spa in the City, we believe in our treatments’ transformative powers. Our mission is to help our clients achieve a pro-youth appearance and approach every aesthetic journey from a financially reasonable outlook. We want to ensure we’re fulfilling your wishes while working within your budget, so we’re serious about optimizing your treatments with us.

One of the best ways to maintain and get the most out of your medspa treatment is by prioritizing aftercare. Moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens are all suggested homecare treatments after any Spa in the City treatment. We cannot stress how important what you use at home is. We may only see and treat you once a month or even every few months, so what you do at home is paramount.



Our Skin Care Products Can Help You Get Results

However, not all skincare products are made the same. Over-the-counter retail products are for a less specialized skincare routine, meaning their ingredient concentration is far lower than their medical-grade counterparts.

Even Lucy Papa, executive vice president of Canderm Pharma Inc, confirms that “generally, brands that are sold in drugstores and department stores contain lower amounts of active ingredients so they’re irritation-free for a broad consumer base.” Drugstore products can work well on teenage and even 20-year-old skin but should not be relied upon if you have specialized needs.  

At Spa in the City, we guarantee that the products sold at our medspa have a higher concentration of active ingredients proven to help you get better and faster results from your treatments than over-the-counter products.



Aftercare for anti-aging procedures

If you are a person who regularly gets Botox, Juvederm (or other dermal fillers), or laser skin treatment for wrinkles, then consider our Alastin Skincare product line. Alastin Skincare products are made with a powerful blend of active peptides and botanicals that stimulate, strengthen, and support the skin’s regenerative processes. This expert combination and approach ultimately enhances the results of your skin care treatments.

Another Spa in the City product that you could try for anti-aging aftercare treatment is DMK Skincare. The botanical-based paramedical products work with your biochemistry to enhance your skin and promote a youthful look. This targeted approach makes DMK’s products highly responsive to your specific needs, and you can use them to help with any post-treatment condition.

Finally, Spa in the City has a private-label skincare line explicitly curated for our trusted clientele. If navigating the labyrinth of skincare brands and online reviews is difficult, we have a unique skincare line for you. We have chosen some of the most sought-after products like serums, moisturizers, peel pads, and sunscreens to put our name on. The quality and science behind these products are second to none.




Laser hair removal is one of our favorite treatments at Spa in the City. But the aftercare for laser hair removal is different than our other treatments since we don’t recommend wearing any makeup, moisturizers, or deodorants for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

However, we recommend washing the treated area with a gentle cleanser after your procedure, which is where Rhonda Allison Skincare comes into play. The Rhonda Allison Skincare cleansers give the treated areas a lovely organic wash to soothe and gently cleanse the skin.

The best part about these cleansers is that they do not use dyes, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances. Instead, the creators of Rhonda Allison Skincare Solutions use pure, fresh, natural, and high-quality ingredients that deliver fast results.


Schedule With Us

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