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How to Get Healthy Skin in Dallas

How to Get Healthy Skin in Dallas

Living in Dallas, you love to spend time outside in the sun. You love feeling great, but you love looking great too. Because of this, your skin care routine is a critical part of your daily routine, and you are committed to doing everything you can. Healthy skin is your number one priority!

Healthy skin is important for a variety of reasons. Your skin is your largest organ, but it does more than just protect you from harmful bacteria or other threats. Skin helps protect you through the nerve endings in your body, allowing you to have natural pain response or sense dangerous temperatures. It also helps regulate your body temperature, and skin can alert you of internal risks with changes like rashes or tinted skin tone.

Your relationship with the sun is critical to healthy skin. Skin can take in sunlight and turn it into Vitamin D, helping your bone health. However, it is important to be mindful of your time in the sun. Try to avoid too much time in the Dallas sun, especially in the late morning and early afternoon, and always generously apply sunscreen that is zinc oxide based. Wardrobe choices can also make a difference. Choose protective clothing, such as a hat and UV-blocking clothing, whenever possible. Artificial sunlight from tanning beds or sunlamps is similar to the UV light given off by the sun, and they should be avoided at all costs.

Hydration is a key part of achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Always make sure you are drinking enough water. Also, moisturize your skin regularly! Bathing or washing regularly can make skin very dry, but lotions or creams can help replenish lost moisture. When you are bathing, it is important to use warm water, choose mild, non-irritating cleansers, and to wash in gentle motions, not aggressively scrubbing.

Other lifestyle factors can affect whether or not you have healthy skin. Make sure to get enough sleep every night. It’s recommended that teens sleep for 9 hours each night, and adults should sleep 7-8 hours each night. Try to avoid stressors as much as possible as stress impacts your overall health, both internally and externally.

Spa in the City is committed to helping the people of Dallas to achieve and maintain the healthy skin that they love. Schedule your consultation with our team to learn more about treatment options available to you! You can also learn more about proactive skin care options from News in Health.

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