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Get Great Results with Clear + Brilliant

Get Great Results with Clear + Brilliant

Time and the elements take a toll on your skin. No matter how careful you are with sunscreen and other products that nourish your facial skin, you’re still going to see marks of aging. Fine lines are the first sign of aging. Deeper wrinkles are sure to be next as your skin begins to sag. You may notice that it looks dull and has lost its youthful glow. Your pores may become more pronounced. You want to turn back time, but that isn’t an option. Clear + Brilliant can help you to look refreshed, as if you reversed some of those years to recapture your youth.

Understanding the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Clear + Brilliant is a laser treatment that has specifically been designed to target the effects of aging on your skin. It is a gentle approach that will only mean a short visit to our office each time that you come in. You won’t have to worry about the downtime that comes with anesthesia and surgery. This is your non-invasive solution when you want to nurture your skin. This is your chance to be proactive, stopping the progressive signs of aging before they become too advanced. In a session that is performed in the comfort of our office, your treatment could make a noticeable difference in refreshing your skin.

How Does the Clear + Brilliant Treatment Work?

When you have a Clear + Brilliant treatment, you can request to have a topical anesthetic applied to your skin to make you as comfortable as possible. At that point, a handheld device will be applied to the surface of your face, running back and forth over your skin for a short period of time.

The laser is effective for gentle resurfacing. It allows your skin to regenerate, tightening your skin, smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and bringing back that youthful glow. You might not be able to stop yourself from getting older, but you can help yourself to look your best by using this treatment.

Talk to the Experts About Clear + Brilliant

If you are trying to maintain as youthful an appearance as possible, Clear + Brilliant treatments at Spa In The City could give you some extra help. Come in for a consultation at our office in Dallas, TX to learn more information. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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