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Clear and Glowing Skin Could Be One Laser Appointment Away

Clear and Glowing Skin Could Be One Laser Appointment Away


The Spa in the City Breakdown of Each Laser Treatment

The laser has become the standard in nonsurgical skin and body rejuvenation for plastic surgery clinics and high-end spas all over the world. With the ability to tighten the skin, refine tone, smooth your skin’s texture and invigorate collagen protein synthesis to restructure your basis for healthy skin, laser technology is at its peak right now. Spa in the City wants to be the first to show you the wonders of laser treatments because clear and glowing skin could be one laser appointment away.

As there are so many laser treatments offered at Spa in the City, we wanted to share a little bit about a few of our most popular options to help you refine your choices and make your first appointment. Learning about the benefits of each laser treatment and how long it will take to see these results can help you make a decision about which treatment might be right for you. If you are a blushing bride (or groom) to be, getting started now can boost your photogenic qualities before your next photo shoot and the big day.

Our Top Laser Treatments Include:  

  • Pixel is our star treatment that keys into the most microscopic points in your skin, essentially approaching the skin in a pixelated manner to address wrinkles and the finest lines. You can improve areas of hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and sun damage in under four treatments that are scheduled one month apart. Using an Er:YAG laser and custom application, we fractionally resurface and tighten your skin. Based on your skin care analysis with our team, you may only need one Pixel laser session to see refined skin. The treatment is comfortable and requires a careful skin cleansing and moisture plan to follow for the one to two days.
  • Redo Skin Resurfacing works with an alternative laser approach to skin resurfacing under a Nd:YAG laser that works with every skin type from light to dark. This laser is lower in energy than the Pixel treatment above, but it can get deeper into signs of aging that affect the skin and dull the overall quality. Not only will the Redo Skin Resurfacing treatment refresh the skin, but it will offer a lift while brightening and reducing pigmented areas. Your results with the Redo system will take one month to see after four treatments at one week apart.
  • Photofacials are a gift to your skin and one of our shortest treatments at 30 minutes per session. Using an intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, short energy bursts move through the depths of your vascular layer to reduce red flushed skin and any structural conditions requiring remodeling and attention. You’ll need three to five Photofacials at three to four weeks apart to see the change in your skin with improved coloring and reduced depth in your wrinkles.
  • Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology instead of a laser, offering our patients an alternative in skin tightening that produces superior results. In fact, Ultherapy is the only device approved by the FDA to lift the skin without surgery, giving you the definition and youthful contouring you want without downtime. A single Ultherapy procedure will produce complete results in about three months as collagen production increases and signs of aging are reversed.
  • Clear + Brilliant makes your skin glow through each cell. This treatment promotes cellular renewal so you can uncover the youngest cells in your skin, blocked by sun damaged and dead skin. If you’re looking for a treatment that will refresh your face, help your tissues uptake nutrient filled cosmeceuticals, achieve reduced pore size and smooth texture, then our Clear + Brilliant is for you! At Spa in the City, we recommend one to five treatments at four weeks apart to see results of radiant skin.

These lasers are not specific to men or women and act as a preventative method to taper the signs of aging. To find out if these laser treatments are right for you, schedule your skin consultation with Josanne Stephens at Spa in the City today by calling us at 972-441-7933.

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