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Can a Neck Cream Work for You?

With so much attention paid to facial skin, it can be easy to overlook an equally visible and vulnerable area: your neck. Sun damage and the natural effects of aging are usually the culprits behind loose skin on your neck. While sunscreen and sun avoidance can help, eventually, everyone experiences signs of aging in the neck area.

Neck Cream Benefits

The trick to improving the appearance of loose neck skin is to give the neck area the same amount of care and attention you give to facial skin. In addition to your normal skincare routine, implementing a neck cream to help promote collagen production and moisturize your skin is highly recommended. 

With regular use, neck creams can help tighten skin without requiring surgical intervention.

Luckily, neck skin responds well to the same ingredients that you use on your face, so high-quality products will work on your face as well as your neck. And because your neck has fewer oil glands than your face, it can handle heavier creams and products without causing clogged pores. 

However, there is a difference between choosing a neck tightening cream from off the shelf and receiving guidance and consultation from authorized providers of medical-grade treatments.

Medical-Grade Products

The creams you see on the shelves at your local pharmacy differ greatly from what are known as medical-grade products, which are available from dermatologists or med spa treatment offices.

What sets medical-grade neck creams apart from their over-the-counter (OTC)  counterparts are these attributes of the active ingredients:

  • Quality 
  • Concentration 
  • Clinical testing 

Neck creams, moisturizers, and sunscreens that are considered medical-grade offer distinct benefits over OTCs.


Medical-grade quality means that the active ingredients in a formulation have been thoroughly researched and tested by scientists and skin experts, a time-consuming process that yields the most effective and innovative formulations. 

Providers know that only those in the medical community take the time and effort to develop these ingredients.

In contrast, the makers of OTC products often adapt research and formulas from medical-grade skincare product companies instead of developing their own.


With medical-grade products, you don’t have to worry about low levels of active ingredients. Peptides, antioxidants, retinoids, and AHAs all can transform the appearance of your neck and skin—at a level beyond that found in most OTC formulations. 

While they may have the same name, certain active ingredients appear in the OTC formulations at a much lower concentration. Because medical-grade products are only available from an authorized provider, the manufacturer can create stronger formulas that create faster, longer-lasting results.

Clinical Testing

Medical-grade products go through years of rigorous scientific research and testing before they are made available. Because they have lower concentrations of active ingredients, OTC products don’t require the same level of testing as medical-grade products. 

However, you should know that some OTC companies will still make claims that haven’t been clinically proven for their specific product.  

What Are the Different Medical-Grade Neck Creams I Can Try?

Neck cream benefits are many, and there are many different brands and formulations to choose from. A consultation with our providers will help you decide which one is best for your skin rejuvenation journey. 

Skinbetter Professional Skincare

The Skinbetter brand of products includes highly researched, innovative products focused on patient satisfaction. Products include Interfuse—a face and neck tightening cream—as well as a retinol overnight cream, tone-correcting serums, anti-oxidant serums, eye creams, and sunscreens. 

These products address a variety of skin concerns, such as: 

  • Skin maintenance
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dryness
  • Under-eye wrinkles
  • Sun damage

The Skinbetter family of products can be used individually or in tandem for even more visible results that go beyond standard neck cream benefits.

Alastin Skincare 

What distinguishes Alastin Skincare is its ability to enhance the effects of other skin rejuvenating procedures. Because Alastin Skincare products increase the skin’s receptivity to these procedures, they work to optimize the results and keep the skin looking great between in-office appointments.

With patented TriHex Technology, the Alastin line of products enhances the results of other treatments by stimulating, strengthening, and supporting the skin’s regenerative processes. Alastin Skincare is used for the following concerns:

  • Skin maintenance
  • Elasticity
  • Damaged proteins
  • Signs of aging

If you have noticed sun damage, lines, and wrinkles, or have been told your appearance is due to decreased collagen and elastin productivity, then Alastin Skincare products might be right for you.

Sitc Private Label Skincare

Honesty, passion, and commitment are what distinguish Spa in the City from other med spas in Dallas. In the spirit of providing you with what we feel are some of the best products available, we have chosen to put our name on a collection of skincare treatments with an emphasis on affordability, quality, and choice. 

We proudly offer serums, moisturizers, peel pads, and sunscreens that meet our high standards and your need for choice and variety.

Our private label products treat the following:

  • Age lines
  • Coarse skin
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne 
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea

Consider SITC Private Label Skincare products for quality at an affordable price. 

Spa in the City in Dallas, TX, Can Meet Your Skincare Needs

Neck creams that lift and tighten are a valuable weapon against the signs of aging and the effects of time and sun damage on this sensitive area of skin. With so many effective medical-grade options available, you need guidance and advice that only we can give. 

Let us guide you on your skincare journey to a smoother, more youthful-looking neck. 

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