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Bye-Bye, Puffy Eyes

Bye-Bye, Puffy Eyes


Puffy eyes can be caused by a number of factors but can sometimes be treated with small adjustments to your daily routine. If your puffy eyes are persistent, Josanne Stephens offers Restylane, an injectable filler that can help you get rid of that “tired” look. Give these easy recommendations a try, and schedule an appointment at Spa in the City if injectable treatments interest you.

Reduce Salt from Your Diet

Just like swelling anywhere else in the body, puffy eyes are usually caused by fluid retention. When you become dehydrated, your body reacts by storing water in case of an emergency. If you consume a lot of salty food, it can increase fluid retention and cause swelling around your eyes. Reducing salt from your diet is an easy adjustment that can help reduce puffy eyes, along with numerous other health benefits.

Sleep Position

Fluids can build up around your eyes if you typically sleep on your stomach or sides. The best sleep position to prevent fluid buildup while resting is to sleep on your back. Try adding an extra pillow under your head to keep your face slightly elevated above your body.

Remove Makeup Before Going to Bed

After a late night, the last thing you want to do is fumble around in the bathroom to remove your makeup. While it may be a nuisance, removing makeup before sleeping is always recommended. On top of all the other issues sleeping in makeup can cause, like acne, mascara particles can actually clog hair follicles and cause irritation that leads to swelling.

Injectable Fillers

If you’ve tried the above methods but haven’t been able to get rid of your puffy eyes, then injectable dermal fillers may be the answer. Restylane is a type of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that can diminish the appearance of bags and puffiness underneath the eyes.

Sometimes puffy eyes aren’t caused by swelling but actually by aging. In this case, the hollowing out and sagging of the upper cheeks and tear troughs makes under-eye bags appear much more prominent. With Restylane injections, wrinkles and sagging can be corrected for up to 12 months. HA is a natural sugar molecule present in the body that retains water very well, so it will keep your wrinkles and hollow tear troughs looking full and smooth.

If you suffer from puffy eyes, know that there is a solution. With minimal changes to your daily routine, you can easily reduce swelling and the appearance of weary, aged eyes. If those changes aren’t enough, talk to a specialist about dermal fillers. Josanne Stephens and her expert team at Spa in the City are ready to help you diminish under-eye bags with the latest cosmetic products. Give them a call at 972-441-7933 to schedule your consultation today.

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